• Formal dinner at Downing College

  • Formal dinner at Emmanuel College

  • Executive committe meeting at The Anchor

  • Having a pint at the famous Eagle pub

  • Society dinner at St. John's Chop House

Alumni (page under construction)

Should you need to get in touch with any of our alumni, kindly send us a message stating your purpose and request for contact information.


NamesCollegeDepartmentDegree| SubjectMatriculationGraduation
Edsel Jr. BejaSidney Sussex-MPhil in Environment and Development19981999
Percival Santos--MPhil in Education19981999
Bob GuintoJesusLawMaster of Law19971998
Aileen IbardalozaKing's-MPhil in Molecular Biology19971998
Annie Ferrer-SungaPembrokeLawMaster of Law19971998
Chito GasconSt. Edmund'sLawMaster of Law19961997
Jackie SwannDowningLawMaster of Law19961997
Priscilla LeungDowning--19961997
Jessica LiDowning--19961997
Piyapat BunagDowning--19961997
R.K. Thamby-RajaDowning--19961997
Tony FajardoHughes HallJudge Business SchoolMasters in Finance19961997
Pia BennagenLucy Cavendish--19961997
Carlos MartinsDowning-PhD in Astrophysics19961997
Cecile Caro-LawMasters in Corporate Law19951996
Jose Wendell Capili--MPhil in Social Anthropology19951996
Minerva ChalopingLucy Cavendish--19951996
Dexter CanoyChrist's-MPhil/PhD in Epidemiology20022003
Marylis RamosPeterhouse-MPhil/PhD in Environmental Design in Architecture20022003
Karen GoClare-PhD in History of Art20022003
Beinn MuirPeterhouse-PhD in Chemistry20022003
Michael VillaverdeTrinity HallJudge Business SchoolPhD in Finance20022003
Jerwynn LauClare Hall-Diploma in Economics20022003
Maoi ArroyoCorpus Christi-MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise20022003
Carlo MayorWolfson-MPhil/PhD in Land Economy20022003
Susan LennoxHomerton-BA in English20022003
Konrad AndrzejczvkSidney Sussex-MPhil in Oriental Studies20022003
Natalya OramPeterhouse-MPhil in Linguistics20022003
Tiffany ChuaLucy Cavendish-BA in Natural Sciences20022003
Leopold IlagEmmanuelChemistryPostdoc in Chemistry20022003
Cesar Nadala-HaematologyPostdoc20022003
Lou Mahilum-Tapay-HaematologyPostdoc20022003
Lyn Riethoven---20022003
Jean-Jack Riethoven---20022003
Fe Olegario-Magbanua---20022003
Ann Jordan-Songco---20022003
Dr. Kelvin BowkettChrist's-ADVISER20022003
Gus YipDarwin-MPhil/PhD in Epidemiology20012002
Susan PanchoWolfson-PhD in Computer Systems20012002
Licel LopezLucy CavendishLawMasters in Corporate Law20012002
Nash ToledoSidney Sussex-MPhil in Microelectronic Engineer and Semiconductor Physics20012002
Elmer SantosChrist's-PhD in Molecular Biology20002001
Joseph TaySt. Catherine's-Master of Business Administration (MBA)20002001
Luigi de GuzmanSt. John's--20002001
Peter VegaHughes Hall-MPhil in Management Studies20002001
Victor PazDarwin-MPhil/PhD in Archaeology20002001
Em SevillenaHughes Hall-MPhil in Epidemiology20002001
Jonathan Ong0--20072008
Joseph LimSelwyn-PhD in Pharmacology20052006
Grace Barretto-TesoroChrist's-PhD in Archaeology20052006
Frances AbaoSt. Edmund's-PhD in Education20052006
Regin LagaacHomertonPublic Health and Primary CareMSt in Clinical Effectiveness20052006
Rey GarciaSt. Edmund's-MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise20052006
Lilybeth GoFitzwilliam-Master of Business Administration (MBA)20052006
Simonette SantosLucy Cavendish-BA in Law20052006
Jieping ZhangClare Hall-PhD in Finance20052006
Amparo Flores---20052006
Kristina Tabbada---20052006
R Tuazon---20052006
Tanya Ricalde-LawMaster of Law20142015